Kick the Buddy for PC

Kick the Buddy for PC

🎫 Name: Kick the Buddy
🌐 Package: com.playgendary.kickthebuddy
✴️ Publisher: Playgendary
🏷 Category: Action
💠 Version: 1.0.6
📂 Size:
🔔 Requires: Android 4.1+ and Windows 8/10/11
💡 Features: No
⏳ Updated On:
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Are you stressed out?

Kick the Buddy PC is an excellent game that allows you to relieve your stress by inflicting damage on a dummy. There are many weapons in this game, and they all have unique features. The game has been designed so that anyone can enjoy it, from children to adults. You will be able to use rockets, grenades, submachine guns, cold steel, and even a nuclear bomb!

This game is very interesting because there are many different types of weapons with their own special abilities. Weapons include musical instruments such as guitars and drums; food items like ice cream cones; appliances such as hair dryers; liquids like water balloons; and more! Many of these weapons follow the same pattern, but each one has its own uniqueness, which makes them fun to play with!

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What is Kick the Buddy PC?

Kick the Buddy on PC is a digital doll that you can use to take out your pent-up frustrations. With an arsenal of weapons and attack methods, you’ll have hours of fun torturing this poor virtual Buddy. Whether you’re looking for a quick way to blow off some steam or want a longer-term stress reliever, Kick the Buddy is perfect for everyone.

With Kick the Buddy on PC, we can easily understand how to play this game using different thoughts that appear as soon as we enter. The full mind will quickly alleviate stress and anger with a playful mood!

Advantages of the game Kick the Buddy.

  • You’ll never be bored again.
  • It’s a fun way to relieve stress.
  • Easily earn money to buy the things you need.
  • Watch fewer ads for rewards
  • Get more out of your game time
  • You’ll never be bored again.
  • You can choose the weapon you want to use to beat up ‘Buddy.’
  • There are 455 different ways to Kick the Buddy.
  • Beat up your stress and anger.
  • Fun and entertaining gameplay.
  • Lots of different levels to keep you busy.

 Cons of the game Kick the Buddy.

  • The app is filled with intrusive ads that make it difficult to actually play the game.
  • The “free” buttons often require watching an ad first, which can be misleading.
  • And the weapons had been locked by a truckload of locks unlocked ONLY by Premium.
  • The ads never disappeared, even after spending money on the game.
  • They decided to try the game again, but all of their save data was gone.
  • You can pay to remove ads, but it’s not worth it.

Features of Kick the Buddy on Wakuoo PC!

1/ Feel the excitement of being in battle.

The character is always excited to be in battle and will call out during an attack. There’s a variety of guns available, including handguns or cannons; each has its own benefits depending on how you want your doll bleeding (the player must choose one).

You can also use knives if they’re cheaper than the custom item that was purchased from store inventory–though this takes longer because there aren’t any skills that make them surrender quickly without having hurt too much! The game feels brutal since all aspects are interactive, such as cutscenes where partnership effects come into play alongside injury levels rising due to direct attacks by enemies…

2/ Creative, fun, and engaging for all ages.

The graphics in this game are so lifelike that it is hard to tell the difference between them and nature. Users have created different types of eye-catching animals with color schemes we can’t resist checking out for ourselves! The animation was only one part about taking an already great app onto another level.

3/ You can play games anywhere.

If you enjoy playing games, then this is the perfect app for your phone. There are many different types of backgrounds that can be used in order to create an optimum gaming environment-you. Get cardboard boxes and sewer pipes as well!

If I had one complaint about it? That would probably be how boring some colors may become after prolonged use, but luckily there’s always green wallpaper available if the need arises (or any other color).

4/ Get more out of the game by purchasing in-game items.

Kick the Buddy is an offline game that requires a network connection when purchasing items. The ads in this app are frequent and annoying, making it difficult to play often with commutes or other distractions around where you may not want your attention drawn too much by advertising videos while trying instead focus on what’s important at hand – playing!

5/- Feel the thrill of escaping from an inescapable prison.

The Cardboard Box is like an inescapable prison for the character. They’re taken to many other styles, such as Sewer or Switch Room, where they do unspeakable things on their bodies while trapped inside this box that cannot escape!

6/- You can choose from a variety of weapons.

Kick the Buddy for Windows has an arsenal of options for pain, from firearms and nano weapons to trees or even tools. You can make your victim suffer by using a gun – shooting at them would be typical, but there are also Drills! If that doesn’t work, try puncturing their body with one; this may sound rather graphic so beware (and please do not actually perform these actions).

FAQ for Kick the Buddy:

What’s interesting about this game?

You will find a lot of fun playing Kick The Buddy; it will help you de-stress and help you feel good.

Kick the Buddy game developed by who?

It was developed and published by Playgendary, and this game has a lot of players, more than 100 million downloads from google play.

What platforms does Kick the Buddy support?

The game supports Android / IOS operating systems; if you want to play on Windows computers, then use Wakuoo.

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