GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D for PC

GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D for PC

Joycity Corp.
🎫 Name: GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D
🌐 Package: com.theonegames.gunshipbattle
✴️ Publisher: Joycity Corp.
🏷 Category: Action
💠 Version: 2.8.21
📂 Size: 83
🔔 Requires: Android 4.1+ and Windows 8/10/11
💡 Features: No
⏳ Updated On:
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Do you like helicopters?

If you’re a fan of helicopter games, Gunship Battle PC is the game for you. With over 100 missions and three different helicopters to choose from, this game will keep your attention for hours on end. You can play in both single-player mode and multiplayer mode with friends!

What are you waiting for? Download Gunship Battle today and start playing! It’s free! Plus, it has no ads, so that means more fun time for you. Get ready to take off into the sky with this amazing helicopter simulator. This game is sure to be one of your favorites, if not your favorite app ever created by us here at Game Insight. So what are you waiting for? Download now and let the battle begin!

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What is Gunship Battle PC?

Gunship Battle on PC is the most thrilling and realistic combat helicopter 3D game on mobile devices. With controls that use both touch and accelerometer controls, you can fly in any direction and shoot down your enemies! Play through dozens of missions with varying objectives or battle against players from all over the world in multiplayer mode!

Using the chopper as your skies, use of weapon systems will help strengthen the power and wipe out targets such as military bases or ships from afar! This main character has many decisions that can seal their fate – not only do they play a role like any other pilot, but all these choices also come at a price tag that needs paying before it’s too late for them…

Advantages of the game Gunship Battle

  • The levels are well-balanced and challenging.
  • Graphics have been updated for newer versions of Android but could use more work.
  • Feel like you’re in control of a big operation, managing different aspects of an expansive world.
  • Enjoy an easier, more satisfying experience.
  • Get to enjoy the game without worrying about money or time constraints.
  • The game is free to play.
  • It’s a fun and exciting way to pass the time.
  • You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of an action movie.

Cons of the game Gunship Battle

  • The game crashes for no reason, causing players to have to restart from the beginning.
  • Despite attempts to clear the cache and restart the phone, the bug still hasn’t been fixed.
  • Gold is too hard to come by, making it difficult to purchase planes.
  • The affordable planes are not worth purchasing because the missions are too difficult.
  • There were a lot of ads that caused the game to crash.
  • The game currently lacks in comparison to next-generation games in terms of graphics.
  • There is potential for more side quests to make earning easier.
  • The game has been having sound issues since the latest update.

Features of GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D on Wakuoo PC!

1/ Challenge your friends to a round of GUNSHIP BATTLE.

The game modes in GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D are laid out clearly. The left side of your screen will be moved mode, where you can move around and use weapons without getting caught up with an opponent’s attack or movement speed.

However if both players engage each other at once, then only one person gets their turn for that round which means whoever attacks first has an advantage over others since they’re already done moving before anyone else even starts taking shots!

2/ Realistic 3D graphics that give you a lifelike experience.

Helicopters are always a popular choice for gamers because they provide the first realistic flight experience in any simulation game. So if you’ve ever wanted to fly an actual chopper and fight off your rivals, then let me introduce Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D!

It’s based on android devices specifically designed with helicopters that will allow players to maximize their destructive power against other competitors while upgrading them throughout gameplay levels win space upgrades awarded by successful missions completed successfully.

3/ You can control your helicopter with an easy user interface.

The game’s next feature comes with an easy user interface, so you can download the free app on Google Play Store or Apple App store to control your helicopter.

You’ll be able to make changes in size and direction according to what feels comfortable for you! Plus, if one friend has their own Bluetooth device while another needs Wi-Fi access, there are plenty of options available too – perfect party mode!!

4/ Upgrade your helicopter to make it even stronger.

The helicopters in this game are tough opponents. They have more modern equipment than the military bases and ships, so you’ll need all your skills to take them down! One advantage that may be on their side is if it’s a rival piloting an enemy bird–they can set a fire inside our plane without even getting too close (which might sound crazy, but we’ve seen tanks do worse).

5/ You can customize your helicopter to suit your tastes.

Gunship battles are back and better than ever! Now with a modern 3D environment, you can drive any type of helicopter across diverse landscapes. Diverse enemies await along the way – from tanks to planes or even Cars; it’s up to each pilot what they want their vehicle identity to look like in this chaotic fight for survival against enemy gunfire…

6/ Variety of game modes for endless fun.

Joycity has created an addiction with its variety of modes in this game. The three major modes consist of Episode, Competition, and Special mission; all are conveniently playable, but for completing the last one, you’ll need to complete training or episode 1 first!

7/ Modified game for easier play.

After playing Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D, you will have a lot of money and gold. This game is so addictive that even tons of resources can’t stop me from playing!

But if your favorite thing about the original version was how hard it was to win without any help – well prepare yourself because here comes a modified variant with all these needs taken care of by downloading the below section, which includes needed files as zip packs or other executable formats.”

Get ready for your favorite game with this recreated model! Now you can purchase any of the unlockable helicopters without completing levels. Isn’t that amazing?


1. GUNSHIP BATTLE: Is Helicopter 3D free?

Yes. You can download the game GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D for free on Android/ IOS or on the free Wakuoo emulator.

2. Who is the developer of GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D?

JOYCITY Corp. is the developer of this game, and they also publish many other interesting games such as Pirates of the Caribbean: ToW, Gunship Battle Total Warfare.

3. Is GUNSHIP BATTLE interesting?

Yes. This game is very attractive, and it has more than 50 million downloads from Google play.

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