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Do you want to play Android games on your PC but have no idea how? Try out the Wakuoo emulator now! It will help you play millions of games or apps from Google Play with ease.

Version Change Information: V1.0.0.6 1. Added new features OnMic 2. Wakuoo has been optimized for UI 3. Fixed some basic bugs.

Features of the Wakuoo emulator on Windows!

1. Wakuoo's System requirement!

  • Operating Systems: Windows 8/10/11
  • Processor: Intel G5 or AMD Athlon 3000G CPU
  • Graphics Card: Open GL +3 or higher
  • RAM: 2GB, 4GB, or higher
  • Storage: 10GB or higher
  • Internet: Internet connection is required to use.

2. Experience the Wakuoo-Mirror Feature:

The projector tethering feature, also called Mirror, will allow you to connect your phone to the computer, and then you will use the computer to control the game on the phone. It is different from the emulator in a way that this time the game you play will work on both devices at the same time, and you will control with keyboard and mouse.
download game android on Wakuoo
Wakuoo the best emulator

The advantage of this feature is that it runs smoothly, stably, and with low latency. In addition, you can connect to your PC quickly via WiFi or a USB cable.

Moreover, the emulator supports connecting with many Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy, LG, Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei…

In addition to playing games, you can also use the feature to control your phone, making it convenient to work. With only one computer, you can message from Messenger, Telegram, or use other apps, or send files from your phone to someone easily.

3. Keyboard Settings

Keymapping in Wakuoo is also very simple, and the advantage of this emulator is that it will automatically install keymaps for many games, so you won’t have to waste time configuring the keys for the games you want to play again.

However, there are some games that have not been automatically mapped yet. You can manually configure them in Wakuoo.

First, you can click on the keyboard icon on the right corner of the Wakuoo screen. Then, you will see the icons, and now you can select the functions and drag them to the home screen and then click the Save button to finish.

4. Wakuoo-OnMic:

Wakuoo-OnMic is a feature that helps connect people, where you can chat with people via Microphone or text each other.

Using OnMic, you can create one or more shared chat rooms, and here, you can chat with friends quickly thanks to Wakuoo-OnMic’s stable, high-speed connection and great sound quality, allowing you to hear better.

5. Gamepad Controller

In addition to the keyboard and mouse control feature, Wakuoo also supports the Gamepad manual control feature. If you use a Gamepad, the game control will also become easier, and you can more quickly breeze through the games.

Simply open Wakuoo and connect the gamepad’s USB port to the computer. You will see a message appearing on the screen. Now, you just need to click on the keyboard control icon located in the upper right corner and select settings control. The app will then display the control buttons on the screen, and now you just need to select the control functions you want and finally click Save to confirm the settings.

6. Configuring Wakuoo’s Settings

Configuring Wakuoo will help you optimize performance and help those who are using a low-end or high-end computer to have the best gaming experience.

And with this lightest Android emulator, you can configure it easily. Just open Wakuoo and download any game, then open that game. Now, you will see the settings icon located on the top right corner of the screen. Click on it, and you will see a window popping up. Select the Performance Settings Tab.

If your computer is low-end, you should choose (2-Core CPU, 3072MB Memory); if your computer/Laptop is mid-range, choose (4-Core CPU, 4096Mb Memory). Otherwise, if your computer is high-end, select Custom to configure the settings as you want.

In addition, there is a graphics mode underneath where you can choose Open GL+ or DirectX. In the last row, you can choose the screen’s resolution.

The InterFace Settings Tab: This function allows you to change the skin of the mouse pointer icon.

The Sound Settings Tab: Leave it as default.

Game Settings: You can change the FPS level when playing games on Wakuoo. But please note that you should leave it at 20, 30 only. If your computer is high-end, it should be at 50, 60, or 120 FPS. If your computer is weak and you choose high FPS, you will experience a lot of lagging while gaming.

Phone Model & Internet: Here, you can choose to emulate some popular Android phones today, and if your computer is powerful and you are playing games, you should choose the Gaming phone series that is Asus ROG PHONE 2. If your computer is weak, you should choose the LG V30 series, or you can also choose the Custom section to change as you like.

7. Console and mouse support

Utilize the console and mouse straightforwardly to type and work in applications and games.

8. Partake in the game on the big screen in high goal

With only a single tick to enter full-screen mode, you can encounter games and applications with an enormous interface, wide survey point, and more exhaustive.

9. Permit association of outside gadgets

Wakuoo upholds headsets, regulators, or gamepads for an expert gaming experience in MOBA, FPS, or some other kind of game you can imagine.

10. Backing various Android renditions

With a single tick for programmed apparatus exchanging, you don’t have to stress over settings other than the numerous Android renditions accessible!

11. Intended for both expert gamers and fledglings, Wakuoo offers a lot of decisions!

Are you bad at PCs? It doesn’t make any difference! It is less complex than conventional emulators.

Inexperienced with console planning? Attempt its AI auto-introduce or associate your own!

Need to kill time throughout a break from work? It allows you to utilize TikTok and Snapchat on your office PC!

Need a vivid gaming experience? Relax, created with driving innovation, Which gives you the most steady and smooth gaming experience. No slack, no irritating warnings; you’ll never be pestered in the gaming scene.

Wakuoo often thinks about clients’ security.

How to use Wakuoo Player PC for beginners

How to download games PC and applications on Wakuoo

Downloading Android games or apps on Wakuoo is very simple. After downloading and installing Wakuoo on Windows, launch it. You will now see a search box. Click and enter the name of the game/app you want and press enter.

download wakuoo latest version
Wakuoo support Windows

Note: please write the correct name shown on Google Play. For example: Garena Free Fire. You must write it down exactly like that. If you only write Free Fire, or if you misspell it, you may not be able to find it.

Once you have found the game you want, click the “Install” button. Now, the emulator will transfer you to Google Play and ask you to log in to your Gmail account. If you don’t log in, you won’t be able to download the games you want.

And once logged in, you will be taken to the download section of Google Play. Now, you just need to tap the “Install” button and the game/app will download and automatically install in the emulator. When done, click on the Open/Play button, the game/app will open and you can start playing.

How to update to a new version

To update to a new version of Wakuoo is very simple, you can download the new version on the official website, or, if your computer has the old version of Wakuoo installed, you can open it and click on the install icon on the top right corner and click the “Update” button. If there is a new version, it will start updating. And when it’s done, you can close Wakuoo off and reopen to use.

How to install Wakuoo for computer Windows

  • Step 1: Download the new version on the official homepage:
  • Step 2: Click on the file you just downloaded.
  • Step 3: A prompt will pop up. You just need to click “Install”.
  • Step 4: Wait for a few minutes,. When the installation is complete, open Wakuoo and start using.

How to delete and uninstall Wakuoo on your computer

If you no longer want to use Wakuoo and want to remove it (also known as uninstalling it) for some reason, but don’t know how to, there are instructions now for you.

⦁ Step 1: Click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of the screen
⦁ Step 2: Select Settings > Apps > Click on the search box on the screen and enter Wakuoo’s name
⦁ Step 3: When you see Wakuoo appear, click it and select Uninstall
⦁ Step 4: Wait until the uninstallation is complete.

Wakuoo’s errors and how to fix them

If you experience errors or crashes while using Wakuoo, you should first turn it off completely and try opening it again.

If you see the 70%, 99% errors… turn off your anti-virus software and firewall and try updating your computer’s graphics card to the latest version.

Google Sign In Error: if you have this problem, try changing the rendering mode in the settings. If you don’t know how, simply open Wakuoo’s settings and select the Performance Tab. Here, you will see the Graphics Rendering Mode section. Try changing from OpenGL+ to DirectX or vice versa.

Joystick Error: Turn off tools that support accented language writing.

How to Change the Language: Open Wakuoo > click on the settings icon > select the language you want > select Save.

How to fix lag for Wakuoo on Windows

If you use Wakuoo and find it laggy and jerky, it’s because your computer has weak hardware or improper setting. Now, try changing its settings and try increasing virtual RAM. You can find instructions on Google on how to increase your virtual RAM.
As for how to install, you just need to open Wakuoo > download and open any game/app > select the settings icon on the right corner > select Performance Setting > now, change the RAM, CPU, and so on. If your computer is weak, choose the lowest option.

Fix Failed to Install Wakuoo

If you have downloaded Wakuoo and installed it on your computer but it failed, please check your Windows version again and update it to the latest. In addition, you should check whether the hard drive has a lot of free space, because Wakuoo requires a 10GB hard drive to work well.

wakuoo emulator for pc
Emulator for light, weak Laptop
In addition, you should turn off VPN, firewall, and anti-virus software before installing the Wakuoo emulator.

FAQ for You!

What is Wakuoo?

Wakuoo is the lightest and fastest-running Android emulator on PC today for Windows (no support for macOS). It has all the features you need, as well as supporting many smart tools, helping you to play games or use Android apps on your PC effortlessly. In addition, it also has a feature called Mirror, which helps you to project Android games onto your computer quickly, with low latency and smooth gameplay. Wakuoo accompanies various adaptations of (Android 7 and Android 9 conveyed naturally), completely viable with Intel and AMD gadgets. Its upholds all Google Play Store confirmed game sources.

Is Wakuoo safe? Does it have a virus?

Wakuoo is very safe, you can use the latest version on our official website to be safe and this software can work well on Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. And now, there are nearly 1 million devices using the Wakuoo emulator globally. So, download and install Wakuoo on your PC/Laptop to play the games you like!

Should I use the new version or the old version?

To ensure safety and fix existing errors on the emulator, we recommend that you download or update Wakuoo to the latest version, because the new version will fix bugs and add many new features, as well as being more optimized, helping you to use it stably, without affecting your gameplay.

What’s the download size for Wakuoo?

The storage size of the best Android emulator is very light, only 4.5MB to 5MB, so you can download it quickly and install it on your Windows computer quickly, in 6 > 7 minutes.

What OS/Platform does Wakuoo support?

Wakuoo emulator only supports Windows 0S 8, 10, 11. If you are using PC/Laptop of Asus, Dell, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft (Surface), MSI, Avita, Gigabyte, Fujitsu, Chuwi, LG Intel…

Does Wakuoo support MAC OS?

No, we only support the Windows version. Thank you.

Is there a Wakuoo Lite version?

Is not. Wakuoo only supports one version, and now you can download and experience exciting games/apps. The two iOS and Android players can sign in to their game records to encounter every one of the new and hot versatile games directly on their PC, effortlessly, and execution support too. So, Wakuoo is a stage that supports downloading and playing Android games on PC with the most cutting edge innovation, lighter and smoother than emulators.

Why pick Wakuoo?

Not the same as customary emulators, Wakuoo makes it simpler for you to download and play portable games.

Wakuoo thinks often about clients’ security

Google Play Security checks all downloads! During this time, Wakuoo is holding exercises Experience Find (bugs) – get gifts from Wakuoo. Peruses can tap on the survey connect toward the finish of the article to take part in the movement, for an opportunity to get many fascinating gifts.